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Downloading Flash Games with Adblock

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Using Adblock Plus and Firefox, this tutorial will show you how to save Flash games and other Flash media to your computer. It assumes you have Adblock Plus installed on Firefox. For this tutorial, we’ll be downloading the excellent Portal: The Flash Version.

Load up the Game Page

Block Tab Right Click Menu

Head over to play the Flash game. When it’s finished loading, right click the Block tab (it appears in the top right corner of the Flash game) and click Save Link As…

Saving the Flash Game

Saving the Flash Game

You’ll be greeted with a Save File dialog. For the purposes of the tutorial, we saved it in My Documents.

Opening the Game

Open SWF with Firefox

Head over to wherever you saved it (My Documents for us) and right click on your newly saved Flash game, select Open With, then Firefox (assuming you don’t have a version of Adobe Flash installed).

Playing Portal: The Flash Version Locally

Firefox will open our Flash game and have it pretty much fill the entire space. That’s it! You now have a local copy of the Flash game (although saved games will not travel with you as they are locked to the current computer).

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