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Image Overlays in Powerpoint

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Possible UsageIn this post, we’ll be showing you how to create image overlays (somewhat like the ones here without the stretch animation) in Microsoft Powerpoint. For this tutorial, we’ll be using 2003, but the instructions can easily be adapted to other versions of Powerpoint.

Note that it will be difficult to edit the content of a slide (as it will be blocked by a semi transparent rectangle) after adding the overlay images, so ensure that you’re finished up polishing the slide before undergoing this tutorial.

Open up Powerpoint

Insert Rectangle

Select the Rectangle tool on the Drawing toolbar, and fill in the entire slide. This will become the semitransparent gray layer to darken the slide.

Format the Rectangle

Format Rectangle Opacity

Give it the color black, and set the Transparency to about 40%.

Animate the Rectangle

Add Rectangle Animation

Make sure the rectangle is selected, and go to Slide ShowCustom Animation, Add Effect → Entrance → Fade.

Powerpoint after Adding Rectangle Animation

Your Custom Animation sidebar should look like the above.

Add an Image

Insert Image

Go ahead and insert your iamge of choice. For the purposes of this tutorial, we dug a floppy disk out of the Clip Art manager.

Add Image Animation

Add Picture Enter Animation

Make sure the image is selected, and head to Slide Show → Custom Animation → Add Effect → Entrance any effect you want (we picked Fly In). It should appear after the Rectangle animation.

Add an Image Caption

Insert Image Caption

Draw a text box under the image. We assume you know how to make one. Add a custom animation per the steps above, and you’ve got an image overlay.

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    @xaueious: Thank you, I’m glad you found it helpful.

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